Monday, January 12, 2009

Lauren...I think she looks like Strawbeery Shortcake

Well, I have decided that I am going to try this 365 project that is all the rage in scrapbooking and although I don't plan to scrapbook everyday I am going to try to blog everyday. Ok, so it's the 12th of January and I am starting today but better late than never I always say....and if you know me, I'm always late! What is the 365 project you ask...well my version is going to be taking pictures everyday as an editorial of my family and my year and posting them on my blog. Why the 365 project....a couple of reasons really; First- I thought it would be fun to see how this year goes, I have a feeling there may be a lot of changes in store and I don't want to miss anything!, Second- my kids are all at such fun ages where everything changes in a big way this year 14 to15, 9 to 10 and 4 to 5....all very BIG years and again, I don't want to miss anything!, and Third- this is my selfish side, I want to be a better photographer so I figure if I take pictures everyday I will get better; practice makes perfect I always say, and I hope it applies here too!

Anyway, on to my first subject. I couldn't think of anyone better to start with than our dear Lauren. She is my sweet little "niece"(actually my best friend's daughter but she's family to us!)Keith, Rushell and Lauren came by for a visit after church to show me Lauren's coat we got her for Christmas. It looks so adorable on her and you would think that I would have taken pictures of her with it on....No I didn't, but I will soon! I did get some great shots of her though. She is so photogenic and has the biggest eyes and cutest cheeks you have ever seen! She is one of my favorite subjects to take pictures of. I love that she is the start to my project!!!
The first picture is of Rushell and Lauren...a very cute picture if I do say so myself! It's not like they are hard to capture! I tried to get Lauren to smile but she was having nothing to do with it, she had a case of the Emma's(who would not smile for anyone when she was this ages). I put a few hats on her and of course she looks adorable. I think she looks like Strawberry Shortcake in my black and white hat. She maintained the no smiling to the very end where I even caught her upside down and she would not smile. Truth be told I like picture when kids aren't smiling rather than a fake smile...I'll take personality over cheese anyday!!!

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