Sunday, January 18, 2009

birthday cake

I woke up this morning and I feel like my life is flashing before my eyes. My baby is turning 4 and I don't know where the time has gone. Emma was at grandma's sleeping over last night so I didn't get to see her first thing. I took advantage of the time and wrapped presents and made a fun cake out of cupcakes. I made a huge mess in the kitchen which is to be expected when I am cooking. Because I decided to do this on a whim, Mike had to run to the store and try to find candies to decorate with. He ended up getting candy heart and gobstoppers which were perfect. We had to seperate all of them by color so we could make sure we had enough of the colors we wanted. Interestingly enough the major colors in candy hearts are pink (of course) and white; green and orange had the least. In the gobstoppers there were more yellow than any other and green was the least. Just a little bit of trivia for anyone who wanted to know. (Mike said he had always wondered which color they gave you the most of....I on the other hand never cared!) It was so fun! I think anything where I can be creative is fun, so I go a little crazy. Anyway, I think it turned out sooooo cute and she seemed to love it!

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