Monday, January 26, 2009

Just arrived

Our newest family member has finally arrived! It seems like it took forever for her to get here but now she's here and I can't believe it! Nora is so cute! She definitely looks like her dad.
I took all of the kids to see her today. You don't realize how quiet everything is at a hospital until you take 4 kids into one. All of them were really good for about the first 30 minutes and then the glamour of the hospital started to wear off. Sara was so excited to see her new baby sister. She didn't want for anyone else to touch her. She is definitely the protector of her brother and sister. I think she is going to be the strength in the family; the strongest willed at the very least.
Sam, Emma and Tyler all took turns holding the baby too. It's amazing to me how they naturally have a calm and ease holding her. I think is not so secretly wishing for a baby of her own. I don't think the boys would mind a new addition to much either. I am happy with 3. I don't think I could handle a 2-1 ratio.

Zane came to the hospital after he got home from school. He was more interested in seeing his mom and eating the edible arrangement we got than in holding the baby. (I love the edible arrangments- they are so fun and you can eat them rather than watch them die like flowers do)After a while he did warm up to the idea of holding Nora. That lasted all of about a minute and then he was ready to go to Emma's house.
What an exciting day for Becca and Blair! They have now entered the land of imbalance between kids and parents. It is always a scary thing when your kids out number you!

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