Sunday, January 25, 2009

Birthday Party

Emma had her birthday party this week and she had so much fun. She had all of her favorite people there to celebrate. She had a princess and pirate party so that both boys and girls would want to join in the fun. Emma, to my surprise, wanted to be a pirate rather than a princess. In the end, I talked her into being a pirate princess so she would wear her princess dress. I had a picture in my head of how everything would go at the party. I set up stations for the kids to rotate between to keep them active and having fun. I had face painting, crown and pirate hat decorating, ice cream cone cupcakes to decorate and a game of pin the crown/patch on the princess.(Mike's brother Tom drew the princess for me and it was amazing! He is so talented!) Tyler, Brandon and Sam were all on hand to help the little kids with the stations. The older two disappeared quickly but Sam was a trooper helping every little kid he could find to help! I couldn't believe how fast they got through everything and the it was chaos. I had kids running in circles around my house, half of the kids went down stairs to play in the kitchen, Isaac got into the books and started reading and Livie and Canyon got out some puzzles to put together. I had forgotten how quickly things change when you are dealing with 4 year olds. I can't even say it was controlled chaos...just CHAOS! We finally got to the presents just before everyone left. Everything seemed pretty calm at that point UNTIL Zane, Rya and Arden had a chain reaction break down over the presents. None of them understood why they couldn't have the presents. It was so sad to see them cry. Emma, who was getting all of the presents, didn't understand what was wrong with them. She ended up offering to share her presents with them until they left. What a fun day for Emma!!!

In attendance: Rya, Arden, Abbie, Finn, Megan, Isaac, Zane, Sara, Tyler, Sam, Brandon, Olivia, Canyon, Lauren, Keith, Rushell, Misha, Tom, Bama Pam, Grandma Kaye, Grandpa Tom, Aunt Staci, Aaron, Dad and Mom,

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