Tuesday, January 27, 2009


In the middle of all of the birthday parties and my new business, I have started selling an awesome new product from NuSkin. I am having so much fun doing mini facials with people. I guess the reason it is so fun is that almost everyone goes into it thinking that this is just another gimmick and that they aren't going to see a difference. I have not seen a single person that the Galvanic Spa did not work on. It's funny that although they seem to see the same results they still want to wait on buying the product. The transition they feel overnight is amazing and they are calling Donna or I the next day so they can get the Spa for themselves.
I laugh because when I did the facial on my mom she was so amazed at the results she did not want to go home with only half of her face done. We have had some husbands telling their wives that they need to go back and get the other half of their face done. At that point they are calling us back wanting to get the product NOW! I have created a blog for more information on NuSkin or my business. Please visit them both.....SmartSkin2.blogspot.com or Simplysaidhome.blogspot.com

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