Wednesday, January 14, 2009

life's lessons - day 3

So once again I am completing two days in one. It was the end of the day yesterday and I still hadn't taken any pictures(shame on me!) I had a very busy day and I am trying to figure out how to get my business up and running in the middle of this economic crisis we all seem to be going through right now. Anyway, I was exhausted and little frazzled by the end of the day but of course Emma gave me some perspective. When all is said and done, all you can do is enjoy yourself. She was about to get ready for bed but had to take 5 minutes to turn on her Christmas cd, throw on a crown and dance to her heart's content. She loves to dance and sing and no matter what is going on in life she will always stop to do what she loves. I'm going to make a point to try and have this approach to life because if you're not doing what you love and having fun, what is life about anyway? I love it when life's lessons are taught by those who have the least "knowledge" about life.

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