Sunday, January 25, 2009

Doctor Doctor

We have been winding down from Emma's birthday party although it hasn't really felt like much of a wind down. We had our third birthday celebration today at Emma's pre-school and I have to admit I am thankful to be done with the celebrating. It's not that it wasn't a lot of fun but it was exhausting. We celebrated with family on Sunday, had a friend party on Monday, and then wrapped it up with an ice cream celebration at school on Tuesday.
When we got home from school, Sara came over to play while her mom went to her doctor's appointment. Emma loves it when Sara comes over. I love it that the two of them are best friends. They fight like sisters one minute and then you turn around and they are the best of friends the next minute.
They didn't have much time to play so they headed straight for the dresses to change into costume. They started out by dressing up as Snow White (Sara) and a bride (Emma). It's funny to watch them play because they will rarely pretend to be the characters they are dressed up as. They usually go on with whatever game they have started or they will play house in their costumes as though they are in their regular clothes. Today they decided to play doctor. Sara was the doctor for the My Little Pony and Emma was the doctor for her Baby go By By. Emma had her stethoscope from her new doctor's kit and was checking everyone's heartbeat. Sara used her kaleidoscope as a "stethoscope" for her pony. Emma checked her baby, then herself and then she tried to listen to Sara's heart beat but it tickled a little too much. It was funny to watch.

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