Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dance like no one is watching

Today, Emma is once again the focus of my photos. I take her to dance every week and I can't believe how she is improving all of the time. She loves to dance which I can say is due to her favorite Aunt Tiffany who also teaches her dance class. She makes me laugh all of the time because she is such a people watcher; half the time she won't even pay attention to the dance just so she can watch what everyone around her is doing. Emma, along with all of the other girls in her class love to do their jumps over the little balarina doll that Tiffany placed on the floor. As you can see in the pictures, Emma was instructed to keep her head up which she did. Then Tiffany told her to swing her legs which I think she did for the first time today! It was awesome and I luckily captured it!!! Then they play this game where everyone pretends to be sleeping and they are awaken with the fairy wand. Emma is very persistant at this game that she is picked last so that she can put the wand away in the closet. It's quite funny to watch when girls come near her....she will shew them away until she is the last one to be awoke and then she runs with the wand to the closet. I laugh every time and try to explain to her that she can't choose to be last every time. The joy she finds in little things is amazing. I guess I should be greatful for that!

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