Monday, January 12, 2009

Hats and more

So, it is now day 2 of my project and although I am writing these posts on the same day the pictures were taken a day apart. Today I took pictures of everyone with their favorite hat on. Most of us around here always have a hat on so it wasn't a hard thing to do. The only one that doesn't usually wear hats is Sam but I got him in his BYU hat and then we ended up with the dogs in the pictures. I tried to capture everyone with the white out glow behind them- that the getting better at photography part of this project!
Today was a pretty routine day. Mike was running out the door when I caught him....he wears a hat to keep his bald head warm! Pretty cute, don't you think!?! Emma, as always, picked out her outfit which was nothing less than her personality! What girl doesn't think GIRLS ROCK!, love patent red shoes and a hat to top it off!!! Tyler took my picture (I live in hats!), he did a pretty good job for someone who had no idea what the concept was or why he was doing this. Tyler is wearing one of Mike's hats which he seems to love to do lately. He keeps trying to talk Mike out of his hasn't worked yet! Sam isn't really a hat kind of kid but he does love his puppies so Bella and Scout were happy to oblige. He started out giving Bella kisses and then ended up with Scout kissing him non stop. He must have thought Bella found food on Sam's face. It was quite funny to watch!
I ended the day going to Marc's the new menus I am designing for him. I was so tired since I didn't go until 8pm but we got a few good picture to start and I got free dinner out of it! I love it taking pictures pf things that aren't your average everyday photo and I would say that food is one those that you don't photograph a lot. You would think it would be an easy don't have to worry about smiles or it moving but all in all it's not all that easy to make food look good in a picture. I don't think the pictures turned out too bad. Here's one example....I think I'd eat it!

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