Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 random Things

I got tagged in Facebook asking for 25 random things about me and here they are.....I am still waiting to read everyone else's responses. My husband even learned something new about me. It is a lot of fun and I would sugget that everyone try it!

1. I, like many others, am a list maker. If I've started my day without making my list I will go back and write down everything I still need to do and the things I have already done. That way I can cross things off my list and feel like I'm making headway.
2. I hate to hear people eat. It grosses me out! (especially chips)
3. I don't get my face wet in the shower. I think I have some weird childhood fear of drowning....weird I know!
4. I am a project freak....I feel lost without 100 things to do.
5. I love the color green- all but forest green which I did love in the 90's.
6. I hate doing laundry! I am lucky my husband will fold for me!
7. I wish I would have finished college- more as an example to my kids than anything.
8. I love shoes- not necessary expensive but fun. I am not so secretly living through my daughter who has at least 15 pair of shoes- she is 4.
9. My first baby was 9lbs 11oz- OUCH!
10. I love taking pictures of kids not smiling- I'll take natural over cheese any day!
11. I have a fear of large ear lobes- you know the kind that old ladies get from wearing heavy earrings. That's why I rarely wear big earrings.
12. I am in love with my husband- all day every day- and I am thankful for everything that brought us together!
13. I am a visual learner. I can learn almost anything from watching someone do it but I am lost when I have to ready directions!
14. I love my Iphone- it's the best entertainment going!
15. I want to become a professional photographer!
16. My favorite candies are Black Current fruit pastils that my best friend gets me from England!
17. I love that all my kids are 5 years apart so that I can enjoy each of that at individual stages in life!
18. I love digital scrapbooking!
19. I love to read kid and teen book series better than adult book series...adults are too serious! It also helps in discussing what my kids are reading. Fablehaven, Twilight, Harry Potter, Spiderwick
20. I love changing my hair- long, short, super short- I always like to change!
21. I love working out- it's such a release! I need to be more consistent!
22. I love to friends always want me to decorate their houses and I love it!
23. I don't like cake or ice cream. Give me a box of crackers and I will chow down!
24. I love my coffee. Not for the jolt it give but honestly I love the flavor!
25. I have a secret desire to be great at Tiger Woods great! Not just good but GREAT! maybe I'll figure it out one day!

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