Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ready to pop

Becca and Blair came over for dinner tonight. All of our little ones were over having a sleep over at Grandma and Grandpa's house so we had dinner at our house. Tyler and Sam were here but they weren't very interested in our conversation so they played Rock Band most of the time. They came up stairs just long enough to eat a little dinner, make shakes and go back to Rock Band. We had a nice quiet evening with Becca and Blair. I almost missed my picture opportunity for the day so I hurried and snapped some
shots of Becca with her baby belly that is about to pop. She is the cutest pregnant person I know!
She was all worried about how to stand or what she should do for the pictures so we did a combo of funny and side shots. I can't believe that she is already at the end of her pregnancy and she looks this good. Can you
believe her belly?....not a single stretch mark. What would that be like; I'll never know. Regardless she is Very CUTE!!!!
It is so exciting to have another baby coming into the family. It makes me want another baby but Mike is convinced that I will always want another baby no matter how many we have. He's probably right! I think I'll just concentrate on the three I have. I am blessed to have them and they keep my life very full!

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