Friday, December 26, 2008


Christmas morning is always my favorite. I love to watch the kids eyes light up as they come down to see what Santa has brought for them. This was Emma's first year of understanding the whole concept of Santa coming and bringing the things you ask for. As the kids came down the stairs we had our usual entourage of family here to celebrate Christmas morning with us. Role call: Grandma and Grandpa Dowling, Bama and Papa, Aunt Staci and boyfriend Aaron, Chip, Marc and Adriana, Dave, Mike(dad) and mom. Quite the fan club for my kids. I often wonder if they know that this big of an audience is not normal for all kids.

Emma came down first and was like a deer in headlights when she saw everyone waiting anxiously for her reaction to her gifts. I had to help her go through everything until she got through her shy moment. I asked all of the kids what their favorite present was:

Emma: cradle(that daddy decorated for her) and her bathtub baby

Emma presents included the dollhouse, eyeballs, teethe and robot that she asked Santa for. When Grandma Kaye came over Emma showed her all of the presents that Santa had brought. She told Grandma that she didn't understand why Santa had brought her all this "stuff" in her stocking that she didn't even ask him for. I guess she only expects to get what she asks for and nothing more. When you know what you want why would you want anything else?

Sam: "Everything" , although he focused most of his time and energy on figuring out his rc helicopter. He even talked Dave into trying to launch it from his head.

Sam was more excited about me opening my tripod than he was about most of his gifts. I did cry when I opened the calendar he made me at wasn't the calendar but the sweet letter that was attached to it for Mike and I..."I love you guys and appreciate everything you do for me. Thank you for everything and I love you. I love you! I love you!!! Mom you are always happy and cheerful. Mike you stink most if the time and you make me happy. Merry Christmas and happy Hanuka." Wouldn't that make you laugh and crying all in the same breath?

Tyler: new phone and camera...hopefully he will take pictures of someone other than himself

Tyler is at that point in which he doesn't get a lot of gifts because he wants all of the large ticket items. He got a lot of clothes(because he is growing so fast!) He is very excited about his new phone with a full keyboard for texting. I had his phone charging on Christmas Eve in my room so that he could use it on Christmas. When we were getting ready to go to dinner that night his phone kept going off saying "you've got a message". The first time I heard it I was with Tyler in my room and I just froze. He just looked at me and said someone's got a message. Thankfully he did not catch on that it was not my phone. I thought I was going to have a heart attack or pass out at the very least! ***Note to self...turn off the volume on the phone***

It was so much fun having everyone here to open presents! Dave generously opened all of the kids toys and helped them remove all of the kid proof wrapping. After all the presents were opened we ate biscuits and gravy that my mom and dad made and ate cinnamon rolls that Grandma brought. All of it was so yummy!

Tom and Kaye stopped by after everyone else had cleared out. They opened a few presents with us and played with the kids for a while. Tom took a little cat nap, obviously all of the hustle and bustle of Christmas had worn him out.

Later in the day we went to Tom and Kaye's for dinner. It is always fun for the cousins to get to see each other for a few hours on Christmas and share the excitement of their presents with

each other. Brian(Mike's brother) surprised Tom with tickets to the Sugar Bowl that the Utes will be playing in on January 2nd. It was so awesome to watch his face and as Mike had predicted all he could say was "How am I going to get there?" Of course Brian had everything taken care of and they were both crying at the surprise and excitement of it all! We didn't see Tom for the next half an hour. He went directly to his office to scan the tickets to hang a copy on his fridge in pride.

Later, after half the family had gone home Emma talked her dad in to pulling out her microphone that she got for Christmas and there began the Christmas concert of Emma, Sara and Zane. It was so fun because all of the adults started singing Christmas carols too. If it weren't for the kids I think the fun little traditions like caroling would be lost. Take a look at the vocal stylings of the Zane, Sara and Emma band....

What a great day all together. We are blessed with such great kids and family! I am truly grateful for everyone in our lives!!!

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