Monday, December 22, 2008

I believe in Santa

We had our annual family Christmas party last night. It is something the kids look forward to every year. They get to see all of their cousins and extended family and of course the highlight is Santa. This year they got to play Rock Band on the projector screen, which all of the boys loved!!! Aunt Tiffany was so nice and she got out the tumbling mats and let all of the little kids jump around and do summer salts. Emma was really scared when Santa first arrived but quickly warmed up to the idea of telling him what she wants (eyeballs, teeth, a robot and a dollhouse...nothing like knowing what you want!) After everyone had their turn on Santa's lap (Grandpa gave calendars to all the adults to ensure they had a turn on Santa's lap too), Sam was upset because he knew I had designed the calendars and he didn't understand how they got into Santa's sack of presents. I reassured him that Grandpa had been the one to put them into Santa's sack as a joke on all of the parents. He seems to be satisfied with the explanation and thankfully his faith is Santa is restored. I feel like kid's faith in Santa is the reason the Christmas holiday is so fun! The way their faces light up when they look at Santa makes all the craziness of the holidays worth it. I wish we could all have the much honest and pure excitement as we grow older.

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  1. Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus.

    Next project - probably a garage for fishing boats in the SW corner of the back yard.