Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Windy day

Grandma Kaye and Grandpa Tom gave the kids a kite for easter this year and last year. We decided today was the perfect day for flying kites...sunny, with just enough wind to get a kite up in the sky. This year's kite was shaped like a mackaw which looked awesome once you got it up in the sky. Sam and Emma took turns holding the string but in his usual dad fashion, Mike took over the kite flying duties. Sam kept yelling to him that he was getting too close to the trees but of course Mike did not listen. The next thing we knew, the kite was in a tree and we could not get it out. Maybe one day Mike will learn to listen to Sam!
While Mike, Emma and Sam were flying their kite, Ty was attempting to get last year's kite to fly again. I was enjoying myself watching everyone and of course taking pictures. It was so funny watching Tyler try over and over (with little success) to get that poor broken down kite up in the air. Another fun day with the family!!!

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