Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Mike and I had planned our annual trip to Hawaii this May for some rest and relaxation. Then about 3 weeks before we left we decided we were going to take our kids and moms with us. Mike found an awesome deal on airfare (if you ever need someone to find an amazing deal on just about anything....Mike's your man!) so we booked the tickets.
We spent a lot of time at the beach building sand castles and swimming in the ocean. We even saw a few sea turtles which is always awesome! The boys took surfing lessons which they all loved. All of them were able to get up on the surfboard and flash the hang loose signal to the photographer. I was really proud of all of them! Emma and I spent much of that day on the beach finding coral and throwing it back in the ocean...lots of fun for a 4 year old.
If we weren't at the beach then we were at pool at our condo. Emma loved the pool as much if not more than the beach. I think the idea of the big open ocean is scary compared to the safety of a pool. Emma even met a couple of friends at the pool and we ended up hanging out with their family. They were from Canada and they were a ton of fun to hang out with. I am sure we will vacation with them again in the future!
Now if you even want to know if your kids love you or at the very least need you....send them home 2 days before you. Mike and I decided to stay a couple of extra days with our friends and sent the kids home early with the grandma's. When I went to the airport to drop them off, Emma had a complete melt down because I wasn't with them. Unfortunately, the kids did not sleep well on the plane and were very tired and grumpy the next day. I got 19....yes 19 phone calls from my kids and Mike's dad. Wow, that made for a relaxing day, let me tell you!!!
All in all it was an amazing trip! Everyone keeps asking "how was Hawaii"...my answer "It's Hawaii, of course it's awesome" I think a bad day in Hawaii is still a better day than almost anywhere else! Beaches, sun and no real hurry to get anywhere. What more can you ask for?

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  1. I love the picture of the boys with the surf board...so cute!