Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hansel and Gretel

I took these pictures just before Sam's play. He had the role of Hansel in his class play of the Sand Witch trail with Hansel and Gretel. Everyone had to create their own costum and this is what we came up with for Sam. He said, "I look like I'm from New York not Germany." He chose to go with the look despite his New York appearance.
Although they didn't memorize their lines and read straight from the play, Sam was very dramatic. When asked to point out the witch who held him against his will, he pointed to the witch and with a shakey and very scared voice and said "It was her!" Everyone giggled at his dramatic display.
I think we may have another Dave on our hands!!!

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  1. These are darling pictures. I dosen't hurt when you have such a cute model!